SAFIA has recently signed an exclusive Distributor Agreement with Flow Management Devices (FMD) for the supply of their Small Volume Provers (SVP) throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  FMD have been designing, developing and manufacturing SVPs for more than a decade.  This important agreement acknowledges FMD’s commitment to KSA as one of its strategic business targets.

SVPs are a vital part of the custody meter ‎calibration chain. They provide a traceable ‎method of calibrating meters in the field, at ‎operating conditions and in-situ thereby ‎accounting for any potential installation ‎effects.‎

SVPs are used to calibrate liquid flow meters either in a centralized calibration laboratory or ‎in the field. Their unique design requires a much smaller volume of liquid to perform the ‎calibration when compared with traditional pipe provers making them ideally suited as a ‎portable calibration device.‎