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Flow Metering Providing class-leading, non-intrusive ultrasonic
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Level Measurement Instruments Providing state-of-the-art level gauging
systems for all applications
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Water-in-Oil Monitor Providing Water-in-Oil monitoring
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Office Line


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SAFIA – A Solutions Provider

SAFIA is a provider of solutions, not just a provider of measurement instrumentation and equipment. Working closely with our customers to fully understand the challenges they are facing; we provide innovative solutions aimed at addressing these challenges.These innovations include; a patented tank dewatering system using ultrasonic technology, non-intrusive flow measurement solutions for large diameter pipe work and non-invasive hydrocarbon interface detection for pipe line batch processes.

Our Solutions

Working closely with our customers allows us to clearly understand the challenges they face and then provide bespoke solutions that meet those challenges. At SAFIA we work in partnership with our customers to make this happen.
Some recent examples of solutions developed by SAFIA are:

Tank Dewatering

Challenge: Manual dewatering of oil storage tanks presented environmental risks. Available technology was very expensive.

Solution: SAFIA developed an automatic Tank Dewatering system based on readily available, non-intrusive ultrasonic technology. Read more about our journey to create the Tank Dewatering System


Interface Detection

Challenge: When transporting different hydrocarbons in a shared pipe line, inaccurate interface detection results in lost revenue and product cross-contamination.

Solution: SAFIA trialled the use of ultrasonic technology to accurately detect the oil-oil interface. The use of non-intrusive sensors meant easily installation and no fouling.


Water Flow Measurement

Challenge: The Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) required accurate measurement of water flow in large diameter pipes, but we’re unable to shut-down the network for installation.

Solution: SAFIA audited the required measurement points and trialled clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters to demonstrate the achievable accuracy. Read more about how SAFIA demonstrated “real world” meter performance


Customers and Projects

Over our fourteen years in existence SAFIA have successfully delivered hundreds of projects to a wide range of customers throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here is a selection of our most recent projects:


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