Aramco Shedgum - Water Well Test


Problem Faced By Client:

For monitoring of the water consumption (totalizer) for the drilling process, the measurement plays a major role. Existing flow meters now (~200 around the region) are Krohne Waterflux. These meters requested a lot of maintenances and calibration from time to time, because of the particles in the liquid (sand or solid particles which is effecting the inner lining of the magnetic flow meters).

End-User approached P&CSD to offer a solution and in return we were inquired if we could offer a solution to which we agreed we can do it and also to satisfy the end-user we offered to provide site visit for measurement.

Our Solution

We installed three independent meters with two different frequencies (1 MHz/ 500 kHz) and lamb and shear wave technologies. The measurements were the same from all the meters. The end-user were very satisfied and we are working with them since then to offer them a completed solution apart from just the measurement.