HANWA Flow Verification by SARCO (Big Pipelines)


Problem Faced By Client:
Hanwa sent us an inquiry to check their Insertion type Magnetic flow meters from ABB. We had a project with SARCO for Marine Facility for 2x3600mm & 1x2700mm (supply and installation of Flow meter (FM)) pipelines and these lines are supplied to HANWA Marafiq.

HANWA has Insertion Type Magnetic flow meters installed on these lines. It was observed, a difference between our permanently installed Flexim FM readings, calculated values (from pressure and level of the sea) to Mag FM readings.

SARCO wanted to verify and proof to HANWA that SARCO’s provided flow meter readings are good and that they are not oversupplying or undersupplying sea water as per the contract between SARCO and HANWA Marafiq. This issue was also raising questions on the performance of the very big Pumps that were supplied by SARCO and Testing & Commissioning of the Project and eventually the delay in the handover of the project.

Our Solution

A Flexim F601 portable flow meter was used to verify the measurement and it was observed that the portable flow meter reading was the same as the measurement as that of the permanent Flexim FM and the calculated values by SARCO whereas the Mag FM readings are out ranging from 2% till 30%.
It was also observed that the flow meter had fluctuations while the portable reading was very stable.  
It was concluded that the Mag FM had to be recalibrated for the reliability of the meter.