Success Stories

1 HANWA Flow Verification by SARCO (Big Pipelines)
2 HANWA Flow Verification by HANWA
3  Aramco Shedgum - Water Well Test
4 Aramco Water Injection Balance Lines – Uthmaniyah, Aindar, Hawiyah
5 Aramco Riyadh Refinery - Dewatering
6 Aramco Dhahran & Al-Ahsa Multi-Interface Detection
7 Aramco Abqaiq - Dewatering
8 Aramco Khursaniyah – Water Injection
9 Aramco Abqaiq - Off Gas Measurement
10 SABIC SAFCO - Big Cooling Tower Pipelines
11 Marafiq JOMEL -  Lube Oil Flow Measurement
12 Molten Sulfur Application (Berri Gas Plant)
13 SABIC Petrokemya
14 NWC  - Water Well Test Salbouk
15 NWC  - TGS Pipelines
16 Aramco Wasit – 16 Flow Verification Points
17 MOW&E – Madinah Munawarah
18 Aramco Riyadh Refinery Vacuum Heaters
19 NWC – Aramoon Dammam Test
20 King Faisal Specialist Hospital
21 Marafiq – SARCO – Yanbu (Marine Facility)

Dewatering System done the smarter way

Client: Saudi Aramco

Plant: Riyadh Refinery

Application: Tank Dewatering System

Year: 2009

Challenge: Dewatering is a process of removal of water from tanks from different HC mediums such as Crude Oil, Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene etc.

Earlier the operator would manually visit each tank and open the valves and manually look for the HC material to drain all the water.


Measuring Sale Gas for large pipe sizes

Client: Gas Arabian Services


Application: Crude Oil & Sales Gas Measurement

Year: 2012

Measuring Applications of extreme high temperature!

Client: Saudi Aramco

Plant: Riyadh Refinery

Application: Vaccum Heaters Flow Measurement

Year: 2011