Portable Flowmeters for Gases

FLEXIM's range of portable gas flow meters are the ideal solutions for temporary measurements of virtually any kind of gaseous media.

The meters are offering an unrivalled accuracy and reliability at very low and high flow rates as well as at very low pressurised pipes and with no upper limitations - independent of the pipe dimensions and materials. Even wet gas is not a challenge for FLUXUS. Being equipped with up to two measurement channels, the meters are not affected by non-ideal measurement points with short in- and outlet straight lines and disturbed flow profiles.

Their application range is virtually unlimited:
May it check meterings in hazaradous areas at highly pressurised big diameter naturals gas pipelines, lines filled with toxic and corrosive gases within industrial centers  or the measurement of compressed air within production environments - FLEXIMs portable gas flow meters are up to the task.

The Portable Gas flow meter


The portable Flowmeter for Gases in hazardous areas