FLUXUS F706 - The FLUXUS F706 combines highest precision with the advantages of non-invasive ultrasonic liquid flow measurement.


Flow Measurement in Leak Detection Systems

 On the basis of its 4-Beam ultrasonic technology, the F706 is capable of providing such solutions for liquid hydrocarbon products as well as any other liquid medium. Being completely drift-free and detecting even the smallest flow rates, it is the ideal meter for leak detection purposes.

Check Metering

 The F706 non-invasive flow meter can be placed next to a custody transfer meter for continous validation. Moreover with the F706 in place, downtime can be avoided in case the custody transfer meter is temporarily taken out for recalibration.

Pipeline Monitoring and Liquid Detection FLEXIM‘s F706 meter provides the same levels of metering capability but more cost effectively. Furthermore, the F706 can be placed on any pipe, independent of its dimensions, material and inner pressure. FLEXIM also provides a solution for non-invasive media detection. By measuring the sonic velocity of the flow medium, the meter clearly identifies the individual hydrocarbon product and can be used to help trigger valves and vents to reduce costly transmixing of media.

Technical Datasheet
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  With its 4 beams, in reflect mode providing 8 paths through the gaseous medium, the meter averages the result of up to 4 planes. This arrangement averagesout cross-flow and achieves the optimum non-invasive compensation. On longer straight runs, the 4-Beam meter achieves outstanding accuracy performance due to the individually averaged path effects and can thus be used for redundancy measurements of custody transfer meters or leak detection.

Temperature compensated transducers, unique digital signal processing with superior noise suppression combined with a highly rugged design care for an unrivalled degree of reliabilialy, durability and accuracy - ensuring perfect operation of the system under the harshest field conditions and makes it even suitable for installations buried in the ground (IP68 / NEMA 6P rated).


Custody Transfer Accuracy

The F706 is capable of accuracy in the Custody Transfer class. By measurement principle, non-invasive ultrasonic flow meters will contain some uncertainty due to uncertainties in the pipe wall thickness. These can be minimized with careful installation and precise pipe wall measurements. While an installed “out of box” custody transfer accuracy is not possible, in many pipeline services like check-metering, leak detection and others, it is possible to calibrate the G706 meter in-situ to achieve Custody class accuracy (proven by industry independent Calibration Facilities - test reports are available upon request).


  • Easy installation without process outages

    When creating a new flow measurement point, a significant part of the costs are incurred by the installation work (line shut-down, pipe cutting, pipe flushing, etc.). These costs are significantly reduced using the F/G706 clamp-on technology that requires zero impact on pipe integrity while commissioning.

    • Highly Economical: No heavy equipment necessary for installation, thus being the ideal solution for remote locations, or poorly accessible areas.
    • 100% plant availability: The non-invasive measurement technology does not require any process shut-downs - neither for installation nor for any potential maintenance efforts
    • Extremely low maintenance – virtually zero maintenance due to use of solid couplant pads instead of high maintenance gels
    • Safety: The F/G706 clamp-on meter does not add any leakage risk. It also does not require any flanges or gaskest

    Laboratory Accuracy under Field Conditions

    High accuracy and proven laboratory performance under reference conditions is one task. Accuracy under field conditions is quite another thing:
    • FLEXIM‘s transducers automatically compensate for ambient temperature changes – according to ANSI/ASME MFC-5.1-2011. This ensures no false measurement readings during temperature swings (day / night)
    • FLEXIM‘s transducers are carefully paired according to their individual properties. This process lays the foundation for superior accuracies over a wide temperature and application range. It also ensures a negligible zero offset and facilitates the measurement of very low flow rates. There is no need for zeroing, or programmed “automatic zero” workarounds.
    • FLEXIM‘s transducers are all individually factory calibrated, with storage of the calibration data on a “Sensprom”chip. The calibrated transmitter automatically reads the individual calibration data, avoiding potential errors and making transducer exchanges easy.
    For FLEXIM, accuracy is a topic we take seriously. FLEXIM‘s specified installed-accuracy claims can seem conservative but we firmly believe that clients expect us to over-perform rather than disappoint. Ask us, if you want to learn more about the total measurement uncertainty for your specific application.


Flow channels:                                      4

Quantities of measurement

Standard Volume Flow (Liquids): In accordance with TP-25, ASTM 1250, DA311

Quantities of measurement

Further:                                                    Volume and mass flow, flow velocity, product


Medium:                                                  Liquid Hydrocarbons and Chemicals

Flow velocity range:                           0.01m/s ... 25 m/s

Measurement accuracy

(standard):                                            ±1% of reading, ±0.01 m/s

Measurement accuracy

(field calibrated):                                better than ±0.5% of reading, ±0.01 m/s

Repeatability:                                      ±0.15% of reading, ±0.01 m/s

Media temperature:                         -40°C ... +200°C (-190°C ... +600°C with

                                                                  WaveInjector mounting fixture)

Operating temperature of the

transmitter:                                         -40°C ... +60°C

Pipe diameter range:                      6mm to 6500mm (independent of pipe wall


Degree of protection:                     Transmitter: IP66, Transducers: up to IP68

Available Hazardous Area

Classification (optional):              ATEX / IECEx Zone 2; FM Class I, Div. 2

Communication Protocol:           HART, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, RS485

Inputs:                                                  Up to 4 Inputs (temperatue Pt100/Pt1000),

                                                                current, voltage, binary

Outputs:                                              Up to 4 Outputs: (active/passive) current,

                                                                voltage, frequency, binary