Water & Wastewater Industry

Aramco Abqaiq - Dewatering

Problem Faced By Client:
After the successful test conducted for more than 3 years in Riyadh Refinery, an effort was made to introduce it to other Aramco Plants and through this effort we came to k now that Abqaiq Plant had already done a test with insertion probes system.
They had the pilot system running for only 2 months properly and after that they had received faulty readings and was never used after that.
We offered to monitor the Interface between Produced Water and Hydrocarbon Condensate on the water draw line of T-903 Degasser Separator.
The Interface Detection will be used to control the water draw off through automated valves. The test run confirmed the suitability of the Sound Speed measurement for Interphase detection on the water drain lines of the degasser vessels.

Abqaiq Plant is in the process to include this in the modification project which shall be soon.

National Water Company - Large Pipelines - Riyadh

A test was conducted to verify and analyze the performance of Flexim flow meter by NWC for approval. NWC selected a 2m & 1.4m pipelines in their distribution network to compare with FLEXIM flow meter performance with that of Magnetic flow meter. The cumulative of both the lines was the flow for the magnetic flow meters. After our tests for both the lines, following was the result: Magnetic Flow meter : 14,336 m3/h Flexim Flow meter : 14,300 m3/h NWC is going to approve FLEXIM for difficult applications like buried pipelines for distribution networks.  

Aramco Khursaniyah – Water Injection

Problem Faced By Client:
Trying to create new opportunities within Aramco for Water Injection Application, we were invited and entertained by Aramco Khursaniyah to present our product and technology. Aramco new that some of their meters were malfunctioning and during our demonstration wanted to get these meters verified too.  
While Checking the Reason for the deviation at TAGS FIT 123 and FIT122 we discovered Discrepancies between the actual pipe dimensions and the pipe dimensions stated in the PITOT Tube ISS and the Flow Transmitter ISS.
The Inner Diameter used in the PITOT Tube Meter Data Sheet is given as 27.197Inches (690.8mm). Whereby the outer diameter is given as 32 Inches (812.8mm).
This would mean that the wall thickness of this pipe has to be 2.6 Inches (66mm). This cannot be the case here since the downstream piping sized 30Inches (to the water Injection trunk lines) has a confirmed wall thickness of 29mm. This is not the case as the wall thickness was measured as 29mm (1.15 Inches).

We provided a demonstration on the field using a portable FM and also a report for the inconsistency in the readings.

They were satisfied with our explanation in the report and also looked for a solution for other water injection application.

The Pitot Tube calculation has to be checked and recalculated with actual pipe dimensions in order to calculate the differential pressure over the Pitot Tube.

MOW&E – Madinah Munawarah

Problem Faced By Client:
Installed Magnetic Flow meters failed to perform after some time and no flow measurements were observed on these lines. Replacement of these flow meters were a hectic task and MOW&E wanted a solution to get flow measurement on these lines with least time and easy installation and high reliability and accuracy.
Test was conducted on a line and after showing our accuracy and reliability, 5 flow meters were installed on different pipelines – 1400mm - 3 no’s, 1000mm – 1 no’s,  600mm – 1 no’s.

SABIC SAFCO - Big Cooling Tower Pipelines

Problem Faced By Client:
Magnetic Flow meters were installed which were out of service for a very long time on 72", 32" and 28" lines. SAFCO wanted to have a solution unlike the earlier where installation, manpower co-ordination, line shutdown and maintenance should be the minimal with the least hassles, which should be accurate, reliable and repeatable.
Our tests conducted on all the lines proved to be very accurate and reliable and also responded to the very slightest valves opening and closing for flow control on all the lines.  
The client are looking forward and were very happy.

SABIC Petrokemya

Problem Faced By Client:
A Flexim FM on 1500” FRP seawater cooling tower pipeline was done. This was installed by some contractor during the construction of the project. After some year this FM was installed in a pit. This meter was not working after some downpour wherein the pit was filled with water and the transducers were immersed in water. 
The junction box and the transducers were damaged, due to water entering inside the transducers and junction boxes. 
An IP68 transducer was offered so that even if the pit is full of water, the transducer would work.
The average flow rate over the measurement period of 7 minutes was around 17550 T/H with sound speed being constant at 1560 m/s. The average flow velocity measured was 2.65 m/s.
The portable flow meter was installed to check the accuracy of the existing flow meter. The flow readings measured with the portable flow meter were same with the readings of the existing flow meter. The same value of reading was displayed in the DCS

Ever since the installation, we have never heard any complaint concerning the FM. The Maintenance Engr had requested to have a presentation to the management so that many more installations with Flexim FM can be installed.

Arcadis – Makkah

Arcadis is an American company for consulting. Arcadis provides designs and performs analysis for NWC. One of their project included installation of flow meters in various locations of Makkah to analyze the consumption of water during the last 10 days of Ramadan.
Because they do not have any installation team, we were requested to complete the installation within 2 weeks’ time period for 15 locations. During Ramadan period, Makkah is very crowded and installation during this time on the streets inside the pits was a challenge.
Our team of 2 batches worked day and night to complete the job within time.

Marafiq – SARCO – Yanbu (Marine Facility)

Problem Faced By Client:
SARCO had a project of Marine Facility service wherein, they had many pumps to pump sea water from Red Sea to HANWA Marafiq. In the design, SARCO needs to provide flow meters on 3 GRP pipelines with diameters ranging from 2700mm to 3600mm.
SARCO procured clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters from Krohne. After having observed by Marafiq and SARCO the unreliability and constant fluctuation of the measurements, we were approached.


We offered them to perform a test but they were not satisfied. We approached them again with a 1 month trial period. During this time it was observed by Marafiq and SARCO.
After enduser was satisfied, 3 permanent flow meters were supplied. They were content with the accuracy and the reliability and unlike the earlier meter, Flexim would not fluctuate.

Aramco - Ras Tanura Dewatering

A project for 10 tanks to automate the dewatering process was carried out. For this project 10 installation, one for each tank for dewatering was carried out by our expert team.
It was installed on Crude Oil, Kerosene, Diesel & Petrol tanks.

SWCC – Eastern Region

After a tender for 60 magnetic flow meters was raised by SWCC Dammam, we approached them with a presentation for the disadvantages of mag meters and advantages of Flexim Clamp-on meter.
SWCC needed to be sure of our reliability and accuracy. We offered them an offer they could not refuse, “No Pay No Cure” Solution for a period of 6 months.
We installed our meter at Dammam Blending Station against an Annubar Meter on 1400mm CS pipeline and Khobar Blending & Pumping Station against a recently calibrated magnetic Flow meter.
Being met the SWCC criteria, we are awarded a 3 year maintenance contract to install new flow meters throughout the Eastern Region (Khobar, Dammam, Safwa, Ras Tanura, Qatif, Sihat, Abqaiq & Al-Hasa).

SEC – Shoiba PP – Water Condensate

An RFQ was raised to install Orifice DP transmitters on Water Condensate Line (5 Qty).
We approached SEC with Flexim Clamp-on meter for a test. After successful test and a satisfied customer, we received this project.