Oil & Gas Industry

Riyadh Refinery – Flow Measurement of Crude Oil to Atmospheric- & Vacuum Heater


Redundant transducers for DCS & Emergency Shut Down

Conventional Method

DP Orifice with impulse lines

Potential for hazard

Extensive and repeated maintenance to bring clogged transmitters back online

Atmospheric Heater

Pipe Size: 6” - Schedule: 80 - Temperature: 245 degC

Vacuum Heater

Pipe Size: 6” - Schedule: 80 - Temperature: 270 degC

Qurayyah Leak Detection System                       (Gas Arabian Services)

40” pipeline for Leak Detection System for Gas Arabian Services.
2 Units Scraper & Launcher.
Dual Channel with F705 F2 & GRG transducers.
Working with no problem since its installation.

Aramco Abqaiq - Outgoing & Incoming Line for Crude Oil

Supply of Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow meters on the outgoing lines for flow measurement on big pipe lines as stated below:
42"  -  30" (2 no's) - 20"    
Incoming Lines:
24” Gas Condensate & 20” Incoming Arabian Light Crude GA1 from AGOSP3
The end-user were looking for a solution where the line need not be shut down and also to reduce the maintenance process for the lines. Our solution not only provides all the above but also an economic solution keeping the lines sizes into consideration.

Aramco Abqaiq - Off Gas Measurement

Problem Faced By Client:
Aramco engineers were suspecting that an 12” Orifice Plate FM was malfunctioning (according to their calculations) and invited us after very long follow-up to demonstrate and introduce the new technology of gas measurement from only the outside.
We were invited to demonstrate and check if their FM was malfunctioning.
Using Portable Gas FM (FLUXUS G601), measurement was taken after 2 hours due to the light nature of the gas. It was a difficult task to perform but the measurement after the 2 hours of work was remarkably fruitful.
The calculated value was 72-73 MMSCFD and our portable FM reading was 73 MMSCFD which was very stable while the Orifice Plate FM reading was 120 MMSCFD.

The customer was happy and have asked us to provide us one FM and ever since a happy customer.

Molten Sulfur Application (Berri Gas Plant)

Problem Faced By Client:
P&CSD approached us after the end-user requested P&CSD department to provide a solution as they were facing problems with another manufacture’s flow meter.
Molten Sulfur having a property of absorbing signal and scaling on the inner walls of the pipe when not maintained at a particular temperature was a challenging application. This problem was being faced by the other meter, not only this the other meter would fluctuate, wherein the reliability & accuracy of was questioned.

With Flexim’s strong transducers and in built temperature compensation as per ASME standard, the transducers were able to read a very stable and reliable reading unlike the flow meter installed before.

Aramco Wasit – 16 Flow Verification Points

The Challenge
30” Sour Gas pipelines coming from offshore wells to the plant has annubar flow meters that needs maintenance work frequently due to H2S. Their Annubar meters needed to be verified for the performance check. This verification was very important for Wasit as they needed to start the commissioning of the plant which was hindering the plants performance calculation.
Our Solution
A trial test was conducted and only after the end-user was satisfied by comparing our meter with their accurate and recently calibrated inline ultrasonic meter, verification was conducted on 15 locations throughout the plants on different stages of the plants process (gas coming from the wells to pure sales gas).

Crude Oil & Sales Gas Flow Measurement

Supply of Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow meters on the lines to SATORP from Aramco.

Gas Arabian Services dealing with Leak Detection System were looking for a solution to measure Crude Oil (4 no's) and Sales Gas (2 no's) on 24" lines for their Leak Detection System.
This was successfully supplied, installed and commissioned.
Gas Arabian after verifying the performance of our flow meters have been a loyal client and shall be in the future.