Measuring Technology, Service and Know-how for every industry


SAFIA ranks among Saudi Arabia's leading companies involved in the development and production of innovative and reliable process measuring technology for all sectors. We provide our customers with optimal products and solutions which always meet or exceed their expectations in terms of quality, performance capability, service and design.


Regardless of your industry, SAFIA offers you not only measuring and analytical devices for virtually any medium but also the expertise gathered by outstanding employees over a decade, providing you with support when selecting devices and systems and designing measuring points. This applies not only to standard applications but in particular to measuring points requiring a custom solution. We make it possible for our customers to manage their processes in a safe, reliable, economical, profitable and environmentally responsible way.


Click on your industry to see the possibilities we have in store for you and similar installations done. If you do not see your application, please contact us about your measuring and analytical tasks. We look forward to working with you to develop an appropriate solution.

Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas are important raw materials in our economy. The offshore production facilities require high operational reliability, availability and utilization. SAFIA meets this demand with wear and maintenance free measurement technology.





Water & Wastewater Industry

Drinking water is a valuable foodstuff. The treatment of wastewater is just as important a task as the monitoring of drinking water supplies. SAFIA provides the instrumentation solution for flow, level, switching and pressure – perfectly adapted to the requirements of the water/wastewater sector.


Petrochemical Industry

SAFIA offers a wide range of sensors for the typical applications in the petrochemical industry: from the delivery of crude oil via pipeline or ship to the storage of finished products. Measuring instruments  deliver reliable data on the flow, volume, level and pressure of all types of media.


Power Industry

In all areas of energy production, security of supply and reliability have top priority. SAFIA has the right solution for flow, level and pressure in the various applications.